Elder legends tell of an isle far removed from the ravages of time. It was remembered as a verdant landscape filled with creatures beyond the reach of human imagination. Great beasts humans called dinosaurs roamed the spacious island in complete isolation, free to reign the land as they so pleased. Living in their midsts were a small collection of humans. It is unknown how they came to survive in this world, as their most ancient tales do not go back that far, but they flourished in the shadow of the dinosaurs. Slowly, but ever surely, the two species grew together in the oddest of ways, as rider and beast. They grew in a symbiotic relationship which was strengthened with each passing generation. Man welcomed beast into his homes and gave him warmth, gave him meat. Beast welcomed man into the endless expanse of forests and grasslands, helped him conquer new terains and protect his possessions. In each other they found companionship unknown to them before and so they remained together with the passage of time. Such is life upon the Isle of Zenith.

Alas, peace is but an illusion all minds fall into. Dark forces unexplained by any legend rise from their silence and threaten to overthrow all those live here hold dear. What is this enigmatic force that comes upon the Isle and steals so swiftly what we have worked so hard to obtain? Where does it originate, what purpose does it contain? It seems there is a storm brewing on the horizon whose clouds are thick enough to turn day into dark and cover the moon in the deepest shadow. There will be heroes; there will be villians; there will be the valiant and the cowardly. There shall be nothing but that which we fight for and win. There is only us and them. We will fight this oncoming storm; we will fight for our lives. We know not what comes, but we know we must be ready. There will be many things revealed to us, but above all, this you can only answer for yourself:

Where will you stand?