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RPG Updates

April 13th, 2016
None! We're still looking for 5 more members before we consider starting the main RP. Tell those you know about us!

Site Rules

Before you can explore the world of Zenith and enter the site as an official member, you must agree to the official site rules. These govern all aspects of the site and will be enforced by Moderators and Administrators. It is encouraged that you read these thoroughly and ask any questions you may have before joining. Asking for clarification is highly recommended as once you join the site, these rules go into effect instantly. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these rules, please contact site staff. If you notice any members breaking these rules, please report it to staff. Thank you!


  • 1. While there is no age limit to participate in Zenith, this is a mature roleplay. This means there will be mild sexual content as well as graphic depictions of gore, blood, and death. Users who are not capable of handling this should not participate on this forum. If you are deemed too immature for this roleplay, i.e. complain about afore mentioned aspects, talk in an immature fashion, and/or other signs, they will be removed from the forum.
  • 2. Zenith is an English speaking site. While we respect foreign cultures, the creators and majority of staff speak English. This is to ensure that we can properly moderate the forum and roleplay. Other languages are not to be spoken on the forum unless otherwise approved by an Administrator. If you wish to have a topic or roleplay in another language, please contact an Administrator to get permission first.
  • 3. This is a mature roleplay and so we expect you to speak in a mature manner. Excessive use of text lingo or caps will result in a temporary chat and/or forum ban. Multiple infractions will result in a permanent ban. It is extremely annoying to have to decipher mass text lingo and/or have to read it in an RP. Small abbreviations like LOL or OMG are still permitted in moderation.
  • 4. Respect is to be shown at all to all members.This includes but is not limited to: excessive swearing at any member, namecalling, unwarranted aggression, public blacklisting, etc. Any failure to show due respect to another member and/or staff member will result in warnings and possible termination from the site. Failure to show respect to staff members may result in additional disciplinary action.
  • 5. Impersonating a staff member on Zenith will result in an instant permanent ban from the site. Any attempts by a non-staff member to enact disciplinary actions upon another user will result in an instant and permanent site ban.


  • 1. You are required to maintain an active presence in the roleplay. While we understand that users have lives behind the scenes, we must also keep roleplay moving. You are required to post at least once a week if not more in order to keep an active presence on the forums. Failure to do so will result in your turn being skipped and a warning. Two or more instances will result in a suspension from roleplay and possible permanent banning from the site. If you will be absent for long periods, please notify a staff member so that we can mark you as excused.
  • 2. Godmodding is not permitted. Your characters are not perfect nor do they include supernatural strength, endurance, agility, or other physical skills. It is possible for any character to be wounded and/or possibly killed. Any form of powerplaying in any roleplay, private or not, on site will not be tolerated.
  • 3. This is a fantasy site, but it is a realistic one. This means that dinosaurs or humans cannot have any unnatural appendages like wings, possess magical or elemental abilities, etc. Hybrids are also not allowed as it violates the rules of Zenith's world. Natural mutations such as albinism, melanism, or other pigment affects may be allowed in small numbers. However, any unnatural mutations such as abnormal growths and/or appendages are not. If you are unsure whether or not a mutation would be permitted, please communicate with a staff member for clarification.
  • 4. Any deaths must be discussed ahead of time and approved by both parties. A staff member must be aware of the agreement in case there are issues during the actual roleplay. Character deaths that are not preplanned and/or spontaneous are not permitted to avoid conflict in the roleplay.
  • 5. No character is immortal. Both dinosaurs and humans will die naturally if not killed off in roleplay. Please keep this in mind when designing and roleplaying characters. Elder characters are allowed, but no immortal ones, and elder characters will likely suffer physical ailments as a result of their age.
  • 6. While Zenith does have some modern ammenities such as plumbing and electricity, it is more archaic in terms of weapony. Firearms do not exist in this world; weaponry primarily consists of swords, bows, and other medieval staples, although they may be slightly upgraded to be a higher quality in Zenith. However, they are still very basic in their fundamental designs and purpose.
  • 7. Blood and gore are permitted on this forum and may be described in graphic detail. However, any roleplays of an overly sexual nature should not be done in the public forums. They should be done privately, off-site, or on a fade to black basis. Sexual innuendos, suggestion, or general intimacy outside sexual roleplays are allowed so long as they are not excessive. Excessive use of these generaliteis to go around this rule is also not permitted and will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • 8. You are required to put effort into your roleplays. There should be a few, well written sentences minimum per post if not more. One line or overly short replies will not be tolerated on the forum regardless of the roleplay. If you are incapable of writing a full-sized paragraph for a reply it is not advised that you roleplay on Zenith.
  • 9. Please roleplay all aspects of your characters. No one character is perfect nor is any bond between any two characters. Relationships grow between riders and their dinosaurs over time and may overcome certain challenges in the growing process. Individual characters may disagree in the roleplay, but please keep these feuds appropriate and contained within the roleplay.
  • 10. You are allowed a maximum of five (5) human characters; you must choose one (1) character to represent you on the site for badges and to roleplay primarily in the main plot. The others may participate in roleplay, but they cannot be earned badges for on site. Your other four (4) characters can be used in any combination of side roleplays, 1x1s, and events as you wish. There are no limits on dinosaur companion characters.
  • 11. For those desiring to play transgender, pansexual, etc. characters, please note this site is not considered a "safe space." You must keep time and place in mind; transition hormones and surgeries do not exist in this world, not every character is going to care whether or not they use your pronouns properly. Zenith is a world where sexualities/gender identities are not common; characters are not going to react well. This does not mean their owners are biased. A character's views do not reflect the opinions of their roleplayers. Please keep your gender and/or sexuality realistic and do not expect special treatment. If discrimination occurs outside of RP/outside of in character, let a staff member know. Otherwise we cannot make any guarantees.

Forums and Chat

  • 1.Chat is not to be used for roleplay purposes. It is only to be used for general discussion. If you wish to roleplay, please use the appropriate forum as it does not belong in chat.
  • 2. Please post in the appropriate forum for the appropriate roleplay to keep the forums as uncluttered as possible. Topics posted in the wrong forum are liable to be moved without warning by a staff member. If you are unsure about the appropriate forum for a topic, please ask a staff member.
  • 3. While swearing is allowed, please refrain from doing this excessively and pointedly at other users in an offensive manner. Any form of racial, sexual, or discriminatory slurs are not allowed to be used in any form in or outside roleplay.
  • 4. Refrain from spamming areas of the site. These include but are not limited to: making multiple chat posts for no reason, creating multiple posts on the same topic, posting random messages consistently, or replying to nothing or excessively. All spam will be removed without warning by staff and frequent infractions will result in a temporary ban and/or possibly a permanent one if seen as necessary.
  • 5. Only post in a roleplay board if you are serious about doing the roleplay. If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to do a roleplay, please discuss it out with your partners ahead of time before making the topic. Blank or otherwise unnecessary/unused roleplay topics will be removed without warning by staff during board cleanings.
  • 6. You may discuss your personal lives in the OOC boards and chat, but please keep personal info such as, but not limited to, full names, addresses, emails, social media profiles, etc. out of the forums. Sharing these creates a liability for the site and we can not assume responsibility for this information. We also encourage you to think carefully about what you put on your profiles as it is impossible for staff to regulate all manners of personal info entirely and appropriately.
  • 7. Any explicit or illegal topics such as pornography, drug sales, abuse, suicide, etc. may not be discussed in any nature on the forums. Any discussion of these topics will be removed instantly from the site and users linked to off-site sources for help if required. Images relatng to these topics will also be removed without warning from any area of the site on which they appear.
  • 8. Some boards are off-limits to be posted in by regular members. While these boards are generally blocked off, if a member notices a glitch or a forum they feel members should not post in, they should alert an Administrator right away. Exploiting forum bugs to post in restricted areas knowingly will result in a ban.

Art and Sales

  • 1. Members are allowed to sell art their art on the forums. All personal information must be exchanged via private messages and the site assumes no liability or responsibility on these deals and is in no way associated with their outcomes. Members understand they undertake these deals at their own risks and the site can in no way intervene if issues arise during these sales.
  • 2. Any art sold by members must be their original work. If any member is found to be selling traced or stolen art or otherwise engaging in any method of art theft they will immediately incur a temporary ban and be completely prohibited from selling art on this forum.
  • 3. Art, characters, and OCs held by members of their characters is not to be stolen or reused without permission of the owners of the character and/or commissioner. If any members are found to be using stolen characters and/or art on the roleplay, they will be banned from roleplaying on this forum.
  • 4. Just because art is found on a site such as deviantART does not mean it is free use. Please review art permissions before using them, as any use of private or otherwise non-free use art from individual artists will be counted as art theft and removed from the forums. If a picture or line art is considered free-use, you must link back to the original source for verification.
  • 5. Site art may be used in advertisements for the site but it may not be used to start up your own RPG sites, used for your own characters, and/or in any other personal manner not affiliated with Zenith RPG is prohibited and will result in a temporary and/or permanent ban from the forum.

By joining this site and participating in this roleplay you, (user, RPer, player, etc.), are automatically agreeing to follow these rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary measures by site staff. Drastic infractions may result in bans or account termination without warning by site staff. Any issues should be reported immediately to staff with any logs, screenshots, or evidence that may be related. If you feel you have been targetted or unfairly disciplined by staff, please contact an Administrator with any details you may have.