The main focal point of all of Zenith: bonding. A rider and his/her mount's bond is the strongest force possible between man and beast. It is not just what signifies their structure as a rider and their mount but it's a deep trust that stems deep into their blood and very beings. Once a bond has been established, it cannot by any means be broken. It is not by magic that this happens but through time, patience and love.

Bonding can be done in many ways but not through leaving your dinosaur or soon-to-be-mount and or partner in a cage or pen all day and expecting it to be tame when you feel like looking at it again. Such ways include; going on enrichment walks with your partner, taking them through the city to acquaint them with the people, creatures and the buildings in which they live around, feeding them and doing daily care, taking them hunting when they're big enough, grooming, and sometimes even just talking to them. Having an active presence in the care of any animal is the best way to bond with anything.

Imprinting upon them when they first hatch is also a good way to establish a bond early on. This may not work for a wild caught dinosaur or beast, but it certainly helps with one you receive from the hatchery.

For wild dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, more patience, an open heart and mind is required. They are not tame by any means, and must give you their trust before you can even attempt to show them around Zenith's main city of Eztraia and get them used to other creatures and humans. If you wish to go this route, be warned it will take much more time and patience than having one from the hatchery.

You must establish a bond with your mount or partner, lest you wish to be eaten or attacked. Sometimes however with much larger carnivores it can be difficult to keep them under control. Not all the time does it go well, and many have suffered from attacks from a Tyrannosaur or a Spinosaur. This is everyday life, as they are still animals with instincts. However rest assured if you take proper care of your partner, they will be your friends and soulmates for life.

Should you find yourself with one you cannot ride, such as a smaller raptor breed, pterosaur or a species such as a titanoboa even, you will need to establish a bond regardless. These creatures can still attack you, and it could end up fatal. Most start hand raising them from infancy, which is a good way. If you wish to own a large pack of raptors such as Velociraptors or Bambiraptors, start with a few at a time. Introducing new members of the pack is very tricky, and you must have a bond with both the one you introduce and your pack. Even then, it may not turn out well and you will more than likely lose the new member to an attack or even them fleeing before they can get hurt. This happens more often than one would assume.

It is worth nothing that not all bonding attempts will even succeed. While some animals may bond extremely well with their owner to the point they become dependent on them, others may not even bond at all despite the handler's best attempts. This is especially true for large carnivores. Smaller and more social animals such as raptors tend to bond remarkably well and swiftly if handled with respect and given basic care. Yet not every bond is perfect, either. Wounds can still happen with the most well-bonded animals and it is still highly advised to treat any animal with the utmost respect.

All in all, having a strong bond with an animal benefits you and the creature you bond with greatly and allows you to see their their eyes and enter their world. It is one of the greatest treasures any rider or owner can have and many of them will tell you the same thing.