If you're interested in join Zenith, we welcome you! We're always looking for new members to join our community and enjoy roleplaying with. It is important to note that in joining you are expected to maintain an active presence on the site and abide by the site rules. This is also a literate roleplay, so there if you tend to type one-liner or very short replies we advise you go else where. If you're still here, please proceed below.

Please make sure you follow the below guidelines properly or your form risks being rejected.

#1 - Read, Read, Read!

Zenith is a world all of it's own and so it has it's own lore which must be understood before you can consider participating. It is highly recommended that you read the following pages thoroughly before considering joining. If you have any questions, there is an active chat on the forums in which you can ask them. We don't bite, so please don't hesitate to ask us anything!
It is strongly recommended you read the following pages: Site Rules, Permits, Hunting

#2 - Create An Account

You will need to create an account on our forum in order to participate in the roleplay. Please register so we can see you! Try to keep personal information out of your account names and recognize that they are unchangeable and everyone can see them! Inappropriate usernames will be instantly banned. Users who have made no attempt to join within a week of creating an account will also be banned.

#3 - The Form

Please fill out the following form and send it to an Admin. Keep in mind that there are character limits on Zenith and you must chose one main character to represent you, (you can have others beside this one). The area you chose for permit will be your rank for this main character. You are not required to respond to the RP as this character, but you must submit a response. If you have any questions about the form, please ask before submitting the form. We're here to help!

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Adrenaline pumps through veins, blood rushes echo in your ears, your heart thumps in your chest; it's finally happened, your first hunt. You just received your Silver permit and were finally ready to partake in a hunt. Sure, it was a regular supply run but still, a hunt! Oh, how splendid it had gone, too! The target was wounded and let out weak bleeps, futilely trying to call for help. Yes, yes, you had it! You had helped chase it across the plains for a while now, watching as the more experience hunters took their turns wounding it, injuring it, weakening it. It was a large hadrosaur and remarkably strong for still being alive despite the assault. Still it fled at fair pace, forcing you to continue the chase. Excitement overwhelms your being and you get lost in the pursuit.

Violent swearing disrupts your focus and you suddenly notice that the target is fleeing into the trees. You see a grey flash as the head huntress turns her ceratosaur around, scraping the edge of the forest before veering to a stop. She sat there with profanity spewing from her mouth, realizing that the forest was too dense for her to continue the chase. Almost instinctively she turned behind her to another man, fumbling to dock a laced arrow unto his bow. He shook his head almost shamefully while his Utahraptor was currently transfixed with a curious cloud and spinning wildly in its shadow. The huntress groaned in frustration before turning to you.

"God damnit Colden! We can't do this shit every hunt. You, just sitting there like a jackass. Stop being useless and get moving! It's almost dead and we can't let it get away!"

You're transfixed by her shouts until a solitary arrow whizzes narrows past your face and imbeds itself into the target's hide just before it disappears completely in the foliage. Guess it's time to show them what you're made of.

Please note you are replying as your own character. Colden and Alire are private characters used by other players on the site. You do not need to reply as the character you're going to use in RP, but you must respond as a beginning Silver hunter. Forms who do not respond this way will be instantly rejected. Period.

#3 - Wait!

We'll try to get a reply to you within a 24-hour time period of your application request. Please note that sometimes it may take longer as Admins like to consider each possible new member as a group. If you've sent in an application, please feel free to pop into the main chat to ping us about it! Otherwise, your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated. You will receive a reply via PM once the status of your application has been decided.

#4 - Status Update

You should receive a notification in your inbox about a new message regarding your application status. It will say in the topic line whether or not you were accepted or rejected. If you were accepted, welcome to Zenith! If you were rejected, please do not take it personal. We do like to maintain some standards in the roleplay. It's not a lifetime rejection, don't worry! It will be explained in your status message why you were rejected. Please feel free to improve or correct this aspect and resubmit your application. If you feel there are issues, please take them up with Admins in a message. Chat is not the place to do it and will likely result in you being removed.

#5 - Welcomes!

If you've been accepted, welcome to Zenith! It's time to get situated on the site. Stop by the main chat so we can all welcome you and begin posting your information in the character sheets boards. You can host your character pages off-site, but it's recommended you at least link back to them. If roleplay is going on, don't be afraid to hop in! Please make sure you ask any questions you have about the site, plot, or world. We'd love to help you explore Zenith!