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April 13th, 2016
None! We're still looking for 5 more members before we consider starting the main RP. Tell those you know about us!

    Senna and Blaine

    Silver Hunting Permit
    Silver Hunting Permit

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    Senna and Blaine

    Post by Senna541 on Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:38 pm

    :Rider Character Sheet:

    Name: Senna Tides
    Age: 20 /Years old
    Gender: Female (She, her)

    Partner(Dino): Utah Raptor
    Significant Other: None at the moment
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Taken?: Available
    Distinguishing Features: Senna has a light scar running from the top of her brow line to her cheek, missing her eye.  A scar not often showed, runs the length of her back.

    Jewelry: A necklace hang around her neck, made for her mother by her grandmother, and is now hers. It carried a white opal in the middle and is decorated by red and blue feathers.

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Build: Senna is a slightly taller person of 5'4 yet she can be considered short as to some people. She is a slender with a slight muscular tone to her arms and shoulders to where people could tell she works hard yet keeping the feminine figure more then a bulky one. She works out at the training yard but mostly practices her evasive maneuvers and flexibility.

    Hair color: Dark blood red
    Skin Color: Olive fair skin. Light.
    Eye color: icy green
    Job: Hunter
    Permit Level: Silver
    Art: (not finished. Just a sketch :3 )

    Personality:Senna is a loner at heart. She has no trouble engaging in conversation with others, as long as she is somewhat acquainted with them. She dislikes having to approach strangers, however. She is very brave, and ruthless. She can sound overly-cruel and cold-hearted, but she truly cares about her friends, and will take great means to protect them, as long as it isn't foolish. Senna is proud, but not overly so. Fiercely loyal and trust worthy. Capable of shouldering big responsibilities.

    :Mount(Dinosaur/Prehistoric beast) Character Sheet:

    Name: Blaine
    Age: 5/ years old
    Gender: Male
    Species: Utah Raptor

    Partner: Senna Tides
    Mate: None at the moment

    Distinguishing Features: Blaine has a scar running against his tail from a run in with a much larger predator early in his life.

    Eye Color: Light gray/white
    Pelt/Feather/Scale Color: Blaine's scales are all a very dark green almost black, with light brown stripes running all along his body. One light strip of green runs the length of his neck on both sides.

    Personality: Blaine Has a bad temper. He is stubborn, hard headed, and grumpy. He has lived on his own for a long time, and his patients for others are not very good. He is cocky, and can be very arrogant when he wants to be. On the flip side, Blaine is also very loyal, trustworthy and he will always be there for those he cares about. He would make the best friend you could ever hope for if you can get past his grumpy side. He naturally protects everything he holds close to him, so if you're one of the lucky people to be in his 'circle' and be someone he considers important, he would easily give his life protecting you.


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