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April 13th, 2016
None! We're still looking for 5 more members before we consider starting the main RP. Tell those you know about us!

    Entering Alpha, Plot RP, and Recruitment


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    Entering Alpha, Plot RP, and Recruitment

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:39 am

    We would like to start off by welcoming all of you to Zenith RPG! This is our first news post and we're quite excited to begin the journey that lies ahead of us. To those of you who are with us, we thank you for being here; to those of you who will read this later, we thank you for joining us. Your support has been greatly appreciated and kept us going so far! It is our greatest hope that you will continue to aid us as we move forward into the beginnings of the RPG.

    We'd just like to give you a few updates before we launch into the Alpha-testing phase of Zenith.

    Lore Information and Links
    As of this point, all of the Lore pages should be complete and properly linked on the sidebar navigation above the main chat. These links will always be there for easy access when they're needed. A general disambiguation page has been created and can be reached by clicking on the About link from the home page or on the "Lore Information" on the site bar. All of these pages should link back to the forums, other pages, and home page in the navigation, so don't worry if you get lost!

    Main Roleplay
    We will be starting the main storyline line soon! Yes, we said we wanted to wait for more people but it seems it will be a while off and it doesn't fair to keep current members waiting. While there won't be a specific post order, Administrators will post first to set the stage. The topic will then be unlocked for members to post as they please. Keep in mind that this is for main roleplay only, any side RPs should be placed in the appropriate forums. If necessary, we encourage you to review the Roleplay Rules.

    Information & Site FAQ
    It has come to our attention that there seems to be a lot of misinformation going around, mostly due to a lack of reading lore and world pages. This was understandable when the pages were inaccessible, but now they are very obviously linked. We strongly encourage members to go back and review all of those pages even if they have previously done so. New information may have been added, incorrect information added, etc. If you have any questions, need something clarified, or just want to make sure you have info correct, please feel free to PM an Administrator or ask in the chat. We'll be more than happy to help!

    We're also looking for questions to add to a Lore, Roleplay, and World FAQ page. Since Zenith is still new, we're not entirely sure which information has the highest likelihood of being confused or misunderstood. It would be immensely appreciated if members could help us in this regard and suggest to us questions that should be added! Please leave suggestions as comments to this news post, flag down an Admin in chat, PM a staff member, etc.

    Members & Recruitment
    Even though we are starting the main storyline, we still have far too few members to do any events or expand upon the plot. As of this moment, Zenith currently has 5 active members excluding staff. This is encouraging for starting out, but greatly limits us in what we want to do! Admins are advertising anywhere they reasonably can, so we're asking if members can help us. Recruit friends, fellow roleplayers, advertise us on sites you frequent, etc. Until we at least double if not triple our active member base, only main roleplay will be open and events will not be allowed.

    If you are advertising on other sites, please double check that site's roleplay rules to ensure you can legally do so. You are not permitted to break any site's rules in order to advertise us.

    Suggestion Boards
    Zenith is quite early in the developmental stages and we'd welcome the insight of members to aid us in fleshing out the world. Suggestion boards are open for, well, suggestions! If you have an idea you feel would help enhance Zenith, please don't hesitate to post it there and discuss possible additions to the game. Please note that we are not accepting suggestions for more species to be available at this time. Any suggestions regarding the addition of species will be instantly rejected.

    We'll keep you in tune with any edits, updates, and changes coming! Any questions, comments, or concerns should be posted below so staff can answer them. In the meanwhile, we ask for your patience while we try to work out any kinks and get our footing firmly planted as we consider the direction we want to take the site. Thank you!

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