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April 13th, 2016
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    Common Types of Protective Armor

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    Advanced (Sport) Breeding Permit

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    Common Types of Protective Armor

    Post by CrownJewel on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:37 pm

    Even owners of extant reptiles use protective gear when handling some species, and with gigantic creatures like the dinosaurs and large mammals.

    Protective gear minimizes the risks associated with handling a large, dangerous animal. Sometimes it is all that stops a wound from being fatal. It is advised that armor is worn at all times during interaction, though some handlers may forgo equipment if they trust their mounts.

    Here are some suggestions for protective armor for wary handlers:

    Common Armor Occurrences: Padded, Unpadded, Strapped
    This armor has spikes of varying degrees of length, depending on how many species you want to cover. The spikes are made from iron, and have pointed tips. Common articles associated with this gear include: headgear, upper/lower arms/legs, and torso.
    Spiked armor is the go-to for preventing severe bites, though at the cost of harming the animal in the process. An animal can still cause damage, but the spikes usually help provide enough of a deterrent during a bite if of correct length. This works with clawing as well. They are especially effective against titanoboas.
    They do not protect against kinetic damage associated with kicks, stepping, tail swinging, etc.
    Spikes can be incorporated into padded armor, thin leather, or simply be an auxiliary piece of studded leather added to bare skin or clothing.

    Recommended for:
    Practically all animals, excluding small raptors of velociraptor size and lower.

    Usually made of leather or cured sauropod hides, padding can be stuffed to help lessen the impact of kinetic damage. Unfortunately being stepped on cannot be mitigated. Padding can be used for parts of the body or as full body armor, depending on size of species.

    Recommended for:
    Especially small raptors, all animals.

    Made of glass ground into a simple shape, they can cover the whole face or just the eyes.

    Recommended for:
    Dilophosaurus [if they spit like in JP lol], pterosaurs

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