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April 13th, 2016
None! We're still looking for 5 more members before we consider starting the main RP. Tell those you know about us!

    A hello from Senna~

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    A hello from Senna~

    Post by Senna541 on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:13 pm

    Hey guys Smile greeting from Senna! to all friends and future friends hear is all you need to know about me ^^ injoy.

    I am indeed female haha whos real name is indeed Senna. But you can call me Sen, Senny, Sensen, I really dont care haha, just go for it.
    I am an artist by trade, though nothing professional, just for fun and games so to speak. I do write a little hear and there, I sculpt and I paint XD

    My life long goal is to become RN (registered nurse) and even move up a level to doctor one day if I get that far. I am in collage now Smile so hopefully that day comes soon haha. Just graduated out of high school.

    I have a total of 6 pets! I know XD im a hoarder haha.
    I have...
    2 dogs. A blue heeler named Echo, and a pit bull/weimaraner crossed named jax.(very sweet!)
    I have a barn cat named Miley.
    I have 3 horses!
    A spanish mare named Zin
    A thoroughbred/draft named Ducadi
    And a Andalusian/welsh named Finn!

    I do ride a lot! so horse talk is all fun for me haha.
    I do dressage, a little jumping, and the occasional western styled barrel racing.
    I can post pics later ^^

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