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April 13th, 2016
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    Colden & Trigger

    Gold Hunting Permit
    Gold Hunting Permit

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    Colden & Trigger

    Post by Ahadi on Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:40 pm

    Name: Colden Haldir West
    Age: 24 y/o
    Gender: Male
    Partner: Trigger (Utahraptor)
    Significant Other: Has his sights set but is getting denied quite harshly.
    Distinguishing Features: You know when he walks into a room.
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 205 lb.
    Job: Hunter
    Permit Level: Gold
    Personality: Arrogant, conceited, and sarcastic with some charm mixed in. He tends to think very highly of himself and his sarcasm is rather dry, although it has a refined edge. Not afraid to let others who ask about how awesome he is, his ego can be rather annoying at times. However, despite his appearances of narcissism he can definitely turn up the charm. He is known to be wicked smart, but favors using his intelligence for more suggestive purposes. In his spare time he's a committed womanizer and enjoys wooing his way into beds with his smooth talking. He can be quite relentless and usually ends up getting his way. Although some regard him with hatred (or are they just jealous?), he is a genuinely good person with morals and standards. With friends he tends to be extremely loyal and honest, often very laid back and slow to anger. If he's not busy gettin' it on he's content to simply hang out.
    Art: Here have a colored photo of him.

    Name: Trigger (Utahraptor)
    Age: 5 y/o
    Gender: Female
    Partner: Colden
    Mate: She tried eating her last playmate so no... I wouldn't say she has any.
    Distinguishing Features: She batshit fuckin' crazy.

    Personality: Trigger is widely regarded as perhaps one of the most hazardous hunting animals to date. For reasons unknown she tends to be very unpredictable. Some suggest it's bad breeding, although her breeding papers have been very carefully tucked away by her own. She exhibits fierce intelligence and can outrun nearly anything she desires. However, she loses focus very easily and can act out with little to no provocation. She can be aggressive even with her owner and tends to not play nice with other animals. This has lead many to give her a wide berth the rare times she shows up in public or on hunts and there are some who would prefer it if she was put down. Not widely regarded as a "proper" hunting mount.

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