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April 13th, 2016
None! We're still looking for 5 more members before we consider starting the main RP. Tell those you know about us!

    Aven and Northel

    Bronze Hunting Permit
    Bronze Hunting Permit

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    Aven and Northel

    Post by DiegoFalcon on Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:17 pm

    :Rider Character Sheet:

    Name: Aven Sazariel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (firmly closeted)
    Partner: Northel the Microraptor
    Significant Other: None at the moment.
    Distinguishing Features: Some random white scars on his arms and shoulders from accidental talon-catches.
    Jewelry: A couple cartilage pierces with tiny silver hoops. Likes to wear random chokers.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 150lbs
    Build: Skinny-athletic
    Hair color: Black, shoulder-length.
    Eye color: Dark gray
    Skin color: Brown
    Job: Hunter (Tracker/Scout)
    Permit Level: Bronze
    Art: Will draw one eventually
    Personality: Reserved and professional to strangers, but getting to know him reveals a snarky goofball underneath. Gets bitingly sarcastic when annoyed or angry. While he avoids any and all extra work whenever possible, he's quite skilled and when he gets going. He prefers to follow orders instead of leading, but he has a reputation among his superiors for competence when he's not being a lazy ass.

    :Mount(Dinosaur/Prehistoric beast) Character Sheet:

    Name: Northel
    Species: Microraptor
    Age: 5 years
    Gender: Female
    Partner: Aven Sazariel
    Mate: Unmated so far.
    Distinguishing Features: Looks nondescript - like any other healthy female microraptor. Has a silver ID band on her left ankle, above the black leather jesses that are always present.
    Eye Color: Blue.
    Pelt/Feather/Scale Color: Glossy black feathers, black feet and nose.
    Personality: Well-behaved for the most part, but she will attempt to sneak food or get away with mischief if she thinks you aren't paying attention. Her typical prank is to nip bigger dinos and then flee, much to the annoyance of everyone. Luckily, her high food-motivation and intelligence means that Aven typically has her well in-hand with snacks.

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